The poison of enemy thinking

It is years ago that the facts of life took me into a direction, away from the teacher I loved so much, away from the school and all my friends that were in there. Why? Because the Inner Planes had other plans for me. “Your viewpoints differ because of a reason, go and do what is necessary.”

The Testing

That was the beginning of a time of testing. The testing whether I was capable of leading an independent school, the test of keeping the integrity of the Lineage in spite of severe pressure from the outside.  During that time of testing where my endurance was tested to the limits I discovered some very important things.

How easy would it have been to throw out all my frustration on the internet in an attempt to damage the ‘others’ who were using me as a scapegoat to cover up their own failures, they banished me and excluded me because of peer pressure.


The Message

During that time the Inner Planes were always there, confirming, criticizing, giving direction. During the time of the Testing, they continuously told me: “Don’t make the mistake to ‘hate the others’. Thoughts have energy and those energies create all kind of neurological and hormonal reactions in YOUR body. If you think ‘my partner, my parent, my teacher has become my enemy’, you poison yourself: parts of you start to crumble and fall apart, because they are connected to the love for those persons, your shared history and all the good things you learned from them. If you start to think about someone as your ‘enemy’, you cut yourself loose from all the treasures you developed because of that relationship.”


The Inner Planes also taught me not to listen to victims of such situations, because those who consider themselves victims turn into a choir of frogs, ribbiting outside in a pool, waiting for a prince to kiss and rescue them. “Listen to winners, because they have the skills to cope with those situations!”




Through these experiences I learned that one cannot get away with hating people and loving yourself at the same time. Your own thinking will poison both your energy system and your body with hatred, anger, fear, self-guilt and self-destruction that will affect your life because of unconscious processes. To ‘agree to disagree’ generates much better results in the long run.

Of course it hurts when your direction in life causes you to leave the nest, of course it hurts when different views or ethical standards drive you away from your comfort zone. But all that pain is not worth to poison yourself or to damage the larger community to whom you belong, by splitting it in two and force people to take sides.


When I look at the world of today, with pain in my heart I see how different communities of our society are drifting part, polarizing, backstabbing. As society we run the risk of poisoning ourselves by this destructive ‘enemy thinking’. Nowadays I think a lot about this lesson… to leave the communication lines open, to honestly discuss different versions of one truth, and to agree to disagree!




Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The Nature of Reality

Nowadays people believe in Science. By all means I appreciate science too, and all the good things that it has brought us and still does. But I deliberately say: people BELIEVE in science. Like a new religion, there is only one truth and this is that our reality is measurable and repeatable and material, period! Everything that challenges that belief is dismissed as “unscientific”.

In magic we believe in a multileveled reality. In the realm of matter science rules. In the world of consciousness different rules apply, and they cannot be investigated scientifically.

The reality of the internet makes it sooo much easier to explain magical concepts… let’s talk about the “digital bubble” that is so much in the news nowadays. By Googling and Facebooking you create your own bubble. The digital process serves you the news Facebook thinks you like! In this way you get an increased limited view on what is happening around you. But hey… this is not Facebook, the digital process reflects a magical law. We all live in our own bubble of preconceived ideas. We live the reality we BELIEVE to be true. Marketers and politicians try to influence us to believe in THEIR reality, so that it will start to manifest; the Law of Magic in action!

But what is the function of a magical training in this aspect? It is to wake you up to the spiritual level of reality. To at first cause a crack in the enchantment of the material dream that caught you by education and propaganda. To open your eyes to that Otherworld of Spirit: that reality that is the cause of what manifests in our material world. To experience and learn the laws about that underlying spiritual reality, that results in what YOU imagine and believe most strongly will manifest in YOUR life.

I am really curious to learn about your experiences … When you like to participate in our discussion, then visit the Temple of Starlight group on Facebook!


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The Faery Queen

After my post about the Otherworld I want to tell you how the image of the statue of the White Lady came to me. She introduced herself on a map first. These types of maps were made in the Renaissance.

Intrigued by this image I started to work with her. I learned to know that she is the true Faery Queen of the Land and the awareness of her existence goes way back into the Stone Times.

She became the inspiration for the statue of the White Lady that I created to work with her forces.

Working with her taught me a complete different way of looking at the Elemental Forces of the land and the Elemental Beings that are at work to influence the Magical Layers of Europe on the level of Malkuth on the Tree of Life. I discovered that the old myths and fairy tales are the remnants of a spiritual awareness that was alive overall in Europe, and we see all the symbols, the names, the ornaments of this Faery Tradition everywhere around us.

Did you ever notice the ornaments and maybe remnants of the names of the elementals around you? For example very near to where I live is a town called ‘Alfen aan de Rijn’ – literally meaning ‘Elfs at the river Rijn’. I think it would be very intriguing to share this kind of information to learn the forces of the Land. I am curious to your imput!
Join me at our discussion at the Temple of Starlight group on Facebook!


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The Otherworld


At some point in my life I had to make a decision whether I would go through a midlife crisis, or that I would change my perspective on the world around me. This was a difficult decision since the second option meant that I needed to investigate my inner world; to go into the realms of imagination and fantasy that are a sword bridge of bliss over the abyss of depression and madness. I decided to take that bridge and never regretted that choice. My journey into the magical and shamanic worlds taught me a complete different perspective on the world around me.

I learned to interact with the dream landscapes that surround me. Most shamans are inspired by nature. They talk with trees and rivers. Since I live in the city, I need to translate magical consciousness into a modern myth. I turned the world of bricks and mortar into a magical reality and learned to read modern signs and symbols to unravel the ongoing mythical reality that is causal to our everyday life.

When you live in a mythical world you can observe the mind stuff that surrounds you. It consists of fears, hopes, blockages, pains and dreams of yourself and the people that surround you. There are stories that deal with individual problems, or those of small groups.

My big concern are the larger issues: magically speaking we live in a world where a new type of warfare is fought; the battle for your mind!!! The strategies serve the goals of competing politicians and multinationals, magically created and constantly pushed by marketers.

I want to invite you to a journey, to change your surroundings into that Magical Land that exists in the Dream State, that Otherworld where your awareness about what is really going on increases. What are the Dragons that you battle, what kind of magical help do you receive? How do you read the signs and signals of your surroundings? I am very curious …

Join me in this conversation at the Temple of Starlight group on Facebook!


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The White Lady

holdaYes, she is ready!
I want to introduce to you the Goddess Holda or Hilda, as she is seen as patroness of Hillegersberg. Goddess to some, Giantess to others, she wears an apron with mud. She poors down the sand in the moors near the river Maas, and thus she creates the hill that became Hillegersberg.
You see she carries small bottles. The idea is to fill these bottles with sacred ground from pagan sancturies all over the world. From the Lia Fáil, the Stone of Destiny of Ireland, from the Mountain of the Sybille in Italy, from the temples of Egypt to the pyramids of Mexico: all is welcome! If you happen to live nearby these places, please put some sacred soil in a plastic wrap and send it to the Temple address, and thus we will create a physical link to sacred sites all over the world! I will keep you post with pictures about the development of this project 
Follow her adventures in our Temple of Starlight group on Facebook!


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The Mists of Avalon

The stories of King Arthur Mythology contain powerful archetypes for self-development; personified by Knights and Faeries. Do you long for a magical transformation to heal your life?

mists-of-avalon1Imagine yourself becoming involved in the Grail Quest, that search for meaning. That journey leading you into an intense mystical experience, where you get immersed in the Magic of Avalon. Where you call up the Mists that give access to the Otherworld. Where you summon the ancient Dragon Powers that lie dormant in the Enchanted Land, where you open yourself to the Mythological Realms of your psyche, that have magical power to resolve personal blockages.

The Mists of Avalon is a non-residential temple-retreat, in which you will be participating in an ongoing mystery play. Mystery Play has been practiced throughout the ages in various religious, magical and esoteric circles. In a mystery play, the story line builds up towards a Mysterium or Miracle; the personal awakening to that place inside of you where the miracle can happen that heal aspects in your life.

Become part of the Companionship of the Table Round, an important archetype for humanity as a whole. Although we differ and have our own talents, we meet as equals in the Hall of the High King to share our unique wisdom, so that it becomes accessible to the entire community.
Find your personal connection to the Grail. Participating in the Grail Quest raises powers in you that will bring mission and meaning to your life.

Become deeply involved in the mystical experiences of Courtly Love. Courtly Love is a love affair with your opposite. Working with Courtly Love gives you access to a hidden technique to contact that Deep Source of Inner Wisdom, sometimes called the Inner God.

Experience the Miracle of Merlin’s Enclosure. The Miracle of Merlin’s Enclosure is an archaic mystery that will be revealed during the retreat.

For whom is this workshop?
This retreat is of interest to both beginners and advanced Seekers for Wisdom who want experience the magic of Mystery Drama. All participants will personify one of the Lords and Ladies from the Arthurian Mythology.

!!! The amount of places is limited, so register right away to be assured of participation!!!

Date:    April 29 and 30 2017
Time:   Saturday: Door open from 9.00 a.m. Start 9.30 to 10.00 p.m.
Sunday: Door open from 9.00 a.m. Start 9.30 to 5.00 p.m.
(For members of the Hermetic Order there is a pre-retreat at Friday evening, April 28).
Price:    € 250,00 Coffee, tea and workshop book included.
Venue: Temple of Starlight/ Western Mystery School
Kleiweg 14-16, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel. 0031-610599875

Application and information
by Email:

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Angel of Fulfillment – Angels of the Turning of the Year

December 31 of the year 2016.
At this day, I, the Archangel Gabriel, introduce the Eleventh Angel of the Turning of the Year.


Now you are ready for the step into the New Year,
for ahead of you lies a road of joy!

Now that you are standing exactly at the portal of manifestation
I ask you:
What will you manifest the coming year?
I will now introduce you to the Angel of Fulfillment.


Angel of Fulfillment

I am the Angel of Fulfillment:
Nothing can be achieved without contemplation,
without decisions, without planning.

Magic really does work
it happens, not because you express a wish,
but because you choose to manifest by your will.

Make this New Year into a Magical New Year,
A year in which you change your life!



Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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