Atlantis – Temple Retreat


The mythical island of Atlantis was described by Plato. Ever since it has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration to artists and it feels like the original paradise to shamans, magicians and priests. Would you want to experience how it is like to practice their temple work, meditate and worship a few days under similar conditions? Then this is your chance to experience this yourself!

  • During this intensive temple retreat you will learn to work with Far Memory. We will – as a group – regress back to the time before the Great Flood. The time when the Temples of Sun, Moon and Stars were up and running. The time when the famous Crystal of Power was radiating its miraculous forces all over the Earth.
  • The time when Gods and Goddesses still walked the Earth. You will experience yourself what it means to become the channel through which a God or Goddess express themselves.
  • The ancient priests were taught Far Sight. You will be learn this skill by means of the Magical Mirror.
  • You will be immersed in an ongoing flow of meditation, magic and ritual.

Above all: Atlantis is that mythical place inside of you, that Inner Paradise that you will learn to find.  Once you are connected to this magical energy it will become a continuous source of inspiration, spirituality and inner power. This will truly be a life-changing experience.


For whom is this retreat?
This workshop is of interest to both beginners and advanced practitioners of applied Hermeticism and Magic. After application you will be given a choice of Godforms. You will connect to that Godform over the weekend. This gives you the opportunity to start to feel the energies and the call on the inner planes previous to the workshop.
(For full members of the temple there is an additional pre-workshop program on Friday evening.)


We have limited places, so don’t hesitate and secure your place by enrolling now:

Date + time: October 29 9.30 am (morning, afternoon and evening) and October 30 until 5 pm.
Price: € 235,00 for retreat plus workbook. Early birds € 15,00 discount. (€ 100,00 non-returnable deposit.)
Application and information:
Location: Kleiweg 14-16, 3051 GR Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development



About Ina Custers

Ina Custers van Bergen helps professionals to connect to their spiritual resources, by means of meditation and spiritual exercises, so that their lives become magical! As the head of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight she developed the Solo Magical Training, a powerful spiritual system that helps professionals preventing the 'is-this-all-there-is-crisis' and realising their spiritual ambitions. Ina combines the "Art of Feeling Good" with coaching. On her website and on facebook you can read about the Solo Magical Training, the Inner Temple Training, the Magical Master Classes, the Magical Temple Retreats, coaching, lectures and other activities.
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