I teach Magic

For those who don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Ina Custers-van Bergen. From 1975 on I started both my career and my mystical training. My path started at art school and I worked as an independent artist for years, creating exhibitions and working for festivals. As a hobby dancer I learned how to perform for an audience. As a mystic I started doing yoga and got really involved in Zen Buddhism.

Then a career switch became necessary and after a new education I started to work in psychiatric healthcare; I worked therapeutically at very complex situations and settings, worked as a manager of the closed section of a psychiatric hospital. Mystically I got involved in Bioenergetics, Pierrakos, Leary, Perls. I got interested in alternative therapies like Regression therapy and Timeline therapy.

In the psychiatric setting I learned a lot about alternate states of consciousness and how people can get off the rails when they are not able to manage their hypersensitive skills. I decided to learn more about expansions of consciousness like Psychism and how to use alternate states of consciousness to remove blockages to help people developing their talents.

This caused me to search for an education in Magic, because in Magic there is knowledge about a lot of interesting techniques to create and influence the subconscious mind and thus causing beneficial changes in your life. I became so interested and involved that gradually my profession changed from therapist to full time magician. This led in 2003 to my initiation as Lineage Holder of the Western Mystery Tradition. My lineage is different from f. e. the Golden Dawn. I chose the lineage of Dion Fortune because she was a therapist and in her writings and teachings there is that deep understanding of how the subconscious mind works; that part of the mind that determines our actions without us being aware of it.

I was trained and initiated as Lineage Holder in the SOL by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. From her I learned how to integrate the arts and devotion as an undividable parts of magic! Magic works when you use devotion, trance and flow. Art is a method to get into that flow. So in this way my old love for art became fully integrated in my magical practice.

In 2007 I had developed an independent curriculum from the SOL that was mature. It was time to leave the mother-organization and the Temple of Starlight became an independent school.

Teaching challenges in a different way. You learn even more as a teacher. I found it necessary to take modules at university to educate myself better about the ancient historic sources of the Western Mystery Tradition. I also took post-PhD classes to link ancient magical techniques that I learned previously – like mesmerism and spell-work – with modern methods like NLP. I got a license as hypnotherapist, deepened my knowledge as system-therapist by training in family constellations, and made myself smarter in studying past-lives regressions.

Meanwhile I studied the ancient Western Mystery systems, such as ancient Egyptian Magic, Mesopotamian, Greek, Celtic, Nordic, Kabbalistic magic, and the patterns of Astrology and Tarot.

Today is my birthday and I will be 60 years young and still learning. The reason why I write all this down is that I want to make a statement:

As lineage holder of the Western Mystery Tradition I don’t teach any ancient or modern religion or philosophy. It does not matter to me whether the ancient Gnostics were dualists or not. I use ALL my knowledge about therapeutic techniques and art, from magical and mystical sources, both historical and modern. I use all sources of the Western Mystery Tradition as a wellspring of inspiration to teach and train people to use all these techniques for their health and personal growth. I am not a historian scholar, I am a magician!

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Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development



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Frogs logics

It is silent in the frog pool, nothing happens there. Frogs live in murky muddy pools with standing water. But when there is no flow, the plants start to rot and the air begins to stink!. The problem with this particular pool is: there is no light there! Thus the frogs organize a board meeting and decide to send an explorer into the wide world to look for a solution bring life into the pool.

The upper frog – let’s call him Toad – volunteers to leave the pool. He crosses the reed fields to search for light and flow. Bravely he crosses the meadows and hops to the city, carefully avoiding dogs and cats. The city is but a desert of stone, full of stressed people. Dark clouds gather together when poor Toad desperately jumps further and further from home, in search for light.

Suddenly he sees a very sunny and bright place. He decides to knock at the temple doors where the Mages work. His tiny little brain starts to work like a little engine: “What if I steal some of their light!” The idea is so appealing that it sends shivers through his green slithery body. He decides to buy their course in Magic of the Light, in the hope this will enable him to take some light home to the frog pool.

Poor, poor Toad, he got really disappointed, because everyone knows it is not possible to steal light!!! True illumination does not come from reading books. True illumination comes from the inside out! It is the result of a good heart, compassion and hard work. On top of that, Toad finds out to his horror, that he cannot not bear the light! His eyes hurt, his stomach cramps together; he lived too long in a murky pool … On top of that his groins hurt from hopping for sooo long and travelling so far … He realizes that he has no option but to return to his pool as quickly as possible, without having achieved his mission.

Jumping back through the reed fields, the consequences of his failure painfully dawn on him. He realizes that, returning to the pool without any results whatsoever, would mean a big Mark of Infamy on his ego. His eyebrows rise, his heart shrinks. The next realization makes him shriek: “This can backfire on me; it can cost my position in the pool!!!”

So hopping home, Toad broods over a plan. He is exhausted, his skin is full of blasters, he almost got roasted by the light. His ego is severely wounded. Then, again, a flash of insight makes his day. “If I cannot steal their light, then let’s bring them down to our level!”
Hopping home he broods out an evil plan for his escape …

At his return at the pool all the frogs joyfully greet him. Hopeful; will Toad have found a solution for their suffering? As a hero they receive him. They throw a party where Toad can shine and reveal his new found wisdom, that will redeem them all. Severely hindered by his wounded groin, Toad tries to stride in, but lame he climbs the stage they have prepared for him. He takes out the course book he bought at the mages from his rucksack. He coughs to call for a silence, to make his great announcement:

“Dear Fratrefrogs and Sororfrogs, I have conquered the elements, I have visited the Mages of Light. Let me reveal to you; the Light does not exist. I have found proof.” Toad opens the course book: “Look here, I found typos in their course book! Since we have no course books of our own, and thus no typos, We Are Better! Let’s battle those bastards and bring them down!!!”

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Mages and Mind Control

Yesterday I wrote an article about Frogs and Mind Control. Today let’s talk about Mages and Mind Control: On the internet frogs create a lot of fuzz about the “dangers of cults”. Some generate a lot of fear, about the “risk of being manipulated”. They cause people to shrink back from the places where they can learn Mind Control.

If you belong to those alarmed people, I have news for you: everyone is being manipulated. Turn on the news and you are manipulated. Listen to the local gossip of the neighbor, who gives you her version of the truth …

Look at the advertising campaigns of big companies: they are all designed to manipulate you. Listen to political campaigns, and you are being manipulated There is a complete industry build around manipulation and influencing people. Big data are gathered and facts are analyzed: to decide even the color of the ties politicians should wear, to communicate trustworthiness, or to send a militant message.

Manipulation is programmed in designs of packages around every product in the supermarket; they are real talismans that send you messages: buy me, and your dandruff will disappear, buy me and your pimples will shrink and everybody will love you from now on!

So what kind of Mind Control do you learn in a magical school? You learn to control your OWN mind. The meditation exercises are especially designed to develop an inner world that you build yourself, that helps you to stay autonomous in a world of manipulation. They help you to build an “inner kingdom” that makes you aware of the patterns of human behaviour, so that you can easily see through the mass manipulation around you, and decide on what YOU want to achieve in your life!

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Frogs and Mind control

Yesterday I was walking with my husband in the environment of Rotterdam. It is a very watery area, where nature produces large waving reeds and willows border the countless little fens. Spring was everywhere around, and after having seen the first bumble bees I clearly heard the typical noises of frogs. People who know me, know that I have an affection for frogs, so I went to the pool to check it out.

And yes, there they were, ribbiting around on the first surfacing waterlily leafs. “Aren’t they a bit early for mating this year?’ my husband asked.
“Oh that won’t happen, these are the old ones of last year, they will not have offspring because they are infertile. They are just rehearsing an old song.”
“Can you understand what they are talking about?”

Now I am a bit of an expert in animal languages. I talk with cats and crows, and as I said; I am quite fond of frogs, so I listened very silently at the conversation, and then I started to laugh, and the more I overheard the conversation the more hilarious it became; “They are discussing mind control!”
My husband raised his eyebrows: “Frogs ribbeting about mind control?”

“Yes, they discuss a local Mage whom they accuse of Mind Control, but they don’t see that they are but puppets on the string of the evil sorceror who is feeding these ideas into their minds. But remind me that mind control is an interesting topic, tomorrow I will write an article about the benefits of the Magical Art of Mind Control.”

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The Scarlet Harper

In my dream I hear the soft tones of harp strings being touched. I follow the enchanting sounds and open the Door to the Dreams of Love. My soul body reacts immediately and stretches out to a long lost friend in a solar flare of love. Where are you, whom I call the mother-of-my-heart? Why is it impossible to meet in real life …?
The spirit hands of my soul try to reach out to caress. My golden heart is completely open and pulsates love over the Web of the Deep. My ghost hands touch and caress her while my soul dances on the enchanting music of the Scarlet Harper.

Then I wake up, in the realization that I cannot reach her in real life. Our roads went in different directions. My soul shrinks and shrieks in the realization that my dream is ‘not true’. My heart is bleeding.

But then the music of the harp comes back and I hear the soft voice of the Scarlet Harper: “Don’t be sad, celebrate that this extraordinary love will never end. In spite of all that happened, this intense heart relation still connects you over the Web of the Deep. At every time the facts of life touch the strings of this deep love, I will play my Scarlet Harp for you and you will know that this soul alliance is still there. Don’t be sad, light a candle and celebrate the wonderful capacity of your heart and soul to experience such a deep love.”

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Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The poison of enemy thinking

It is years ago that the facts of life took me into a direction, away from the teacher I loved so much, away from the school and all my friends that were in there. Why? Because the Inner Planes had other plans for me. “Your viewpoints differ because of a reason, go and do what is necessary.”

The Testing

That was the beginning of a time of testing. The testing whether I was capable of leading an independent school, the test of keeping the integrity of the Lineage in spite of severe pressure from the outside.  During that time of testing where my endurance was tested to the limits I discovered some very important things.

How easy would it have been to throw out all my frustration on the internet in an attempt to damage the ‘others’ who were using me as a scapegoat to cover up their own failures, they banished me and excluded me because of peer pressure.


The Message

During that time the Inner Planes were always there, confirming, criticizing, giving direction. During the time of the Testing, they continuously told me: “Don’t make the mistake to ‘hate the others’. Thoughts have energy and those energies create all kind of neurological and hormonal reactions in YOUR body. If you think ‘my partner, my parent, my teacher has become my enemy’, you poison yourself: parts of you start to crumble and fall apart, because they are connected to the love for those persons, your shared history and all the good things you learned from them. If you start to think about someone as your ‘enemy’, you cut yourself loose from all the treasures you developed because of that relationship.”


The Inner Planes also taught me not to listen to victims of such situations, because those who consider themselves victims turn into a choir of frogs, ribbiting outside in a pool, waiting for a prince to kiss and rescue them. “Listen to winners, because they have the skills to cope with those situations!”




Through these experiences I learned that one cannot get away with hating people and loving yourself at the same time. Your own thinking will poison both your energy system and your body with hatred, anger, fear, self-guilt and self-destruction that will affect your life because of unconscious processes. To ‘agree to disagree’ generates much better results in the long run.

Of course it hurts when your direction in life causes you to leave the nest, of course it hurts when different views or ethical standards drive you away from your comfort zone. But all that pain is not worth to poison yourself or to damage the larger community to whom you belong, by splitting it in two and force people to take sides.


When I look at the world of today, with pain in my heart I see how different communities of our society are drifting part, polarizing, backstabbing. As society we run the risk of poisoning ourselves by this destructive ‘enemy thinking’. Nowadays I think a lot about this lesson… to leave the communication lines open, to honestly discuss different versions of one truth, and to agree to disagree!




Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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The Nature of Reality

Nowadays people believe in Science. By all means I appreciate science too, and all the good things that it has brought us and still does. But I deliberately say: people BELIEVE in science. Like a new religion, there is only one truth and this is that our reality is measurable and repeatable and material, period! Everything that challenges that belief is dismissed as “unscientific”.

In magic we believe in a multileveled reality. In the realm of matter science rules. In the world of consciousness different rules apply, and they cannot be investigated scientifically.

The reality of the internet makes it sooo much easier to explain magical concepts… let’s talk about the “digital bubble” that is so much in the news nowadays. By Googling and Facebooking you create your own bubble. The digital process serves you the news Facebook thinks you like! In this way you get an increased limited view on what is happening around you. But hey… this is not Facebook, the digital process reflects a magical law. We all live in our own bubble of preconceived ideas. We live the reality we BELIEVE to be true. Marketers and politicians try to influence us to believe in THEIR reality, so that it will start to manifest; the Law of Magic in action!

But what is the function of a magical training in this aspect? It is to wake you up to the spiritual level of reality. To at first cause a crack in the enchantment of the material dream that caught you by education and propaganda. To open your eyes to that Otherworld of Spirit: that reality that is the cause of what manifests in our material world. To experience and learn the laws about that underlying spiritual reality, that results in what YOU imagine and believe most strongly will manifest in YOUR life.

I am really curious to learn about your experiences … When you like to participate in our discussion, then visit the Temple of Starlight group on Facebook!


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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